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About Us

ELSALVARTE original idea was born from a deep interest in strengthening the community of plastic artists in El Salvador, helping them to promote and, at the same time, bring art closer to potential collectors and buyers worldwide.

We believe in the democratization of art, and therefore, we have devised an innovative, efficient and safe platform, where the buyer can acquire a wide variety of works by established and emerging Salvadoran artists using their phone or their pc.

Vision Statement

Make Salvadoran art more accessible to buyers from anywhere in the world using an ecommerce website that is in constant communication with the artist.

Mission Statement

Become the main online platform of Salvadoran art aimed at local and international collectors and art lovers, offering them a unique experience so they can explore the collection and buy original Salvadoran art without any hassles.  

Project founders

Teyo Orellana and Guillermo Orellana.

Picture: Spartacous Cacao(National Artist), Guillermo Orellana and Teyo Orellana

Teyo Orellana

Teyo Orellana is a Salvadoran artist with 29 years of experience in the field of artistic, advertising and journalistic photography. He worked professionally for nine years as he served as head of photography for the Department of Magazines and Special Content of the newspaper “La PrensaGráfica”, and five years in the photography department of the newspaper “ElDiario de Hoy”. In addition, his training includes several workshops received in Cuba and Mexico.

But his artistic vocation has made him enter other areas of art like artistic images of nature and wood sculpture. Due to his stabbing creativity, his work has received several awards, including some: in 2010, named "Artist of the Month of September", in the Art Museum of ElSalvador MARTE. In 2007, he received the award for his professional career in the category of Photography, delivered by the National Registry Center of El Salvador. In 2006, he received two honorable mentions in the Juannio Guatemala Latin American Art Auction contest.

A frequent theme in its production has been the female body. Two of its most emblematic series are "American Beauty" and "Broken Stereotypes", in this it includes large-sized models, with the aim of challenging the traditional canons of women's beauty.

You can visit his website here

Guillermo Orellana

Although fate would make him choose a professional career related to the systems of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, as an Electrical Engineer bachelor from the Central American University Jose Simeón Cañas UCA, from a young age he demonstrated an inclination for plastic arts, drawing and painting, and also for music, as a hobby that made him express himself through these manifestations of art. From an early age he was known as the one who "knew how to draw", then studied painting and drawing for 5 years at the Art School of the Recognized Musician Juan Méndez in Santa Tecla. Place where he met Professor Paco, who in his spare time taught children at that school, and worked as a cartoonist and painter at the post office. This transmitted values ​​and the techniques required in the painting. In the same school He studied guitar playing for 4 years.

He is the founder of a local electrician’s company that addresses low and medium voltage needs, has developed multiple websites, including the Elsalvarte website. In addition, he studied at the Catholic University of Uruguay for a year and worked for a while in Chile near the wonder of the world “Torres del Paine”. Among his hobbies are the creation of new electronic projects, video games, mountain and volcano climbing, and backpacking. At the moment, his role in elsalvarte is that of web maintenance, content creation and marketing.