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Delivery Information

All works of art are sent through DHL and tracking is provided to the buyer at the time the work has been dispatched.

Important information about returns:

The postage and expenses associated with  sending the Works to the address registered by the User, will be handled by Elsalvarte and are included in the payment made by the User at the time of purchasing a Work.

Deliveries will be made within 15 (fifteen) business days after the purchase of the artwork, however, Elsalvarte reserves the right to shorten or extend the delivery period depending on the specific conditions for each delivery.

Return policy

Elsalvarte accepts returns of the Work as long as the following “Return Policy” is complied with:

The maximum period to receive a request for return of the Work will be 7 (seven) business days from the date of delivery of the Work;

The Work must be in perfect condition and in the same conditions in which it was delivered;

The return must be made in the same package in which the Work was delivered, for which the User must follow the instructions that are delivered for this purpose;

Packing and shipping costs will not be refunded;

In case of proceeding, the return will be made by the same payment method that was used for the acquisition of the Work;

Our Return Policy may change without prior notice;

We inform you that for no reason you can accept the Work in return, even if you have received confirmation, if you meet any of the following cases:

The Work is not in perfect condition and in the same conditions in which it was delivered;

The packaging or boxes of the Work have not been used in accordance with the instructions;

Return Procedure

The User must request the return of the Work through the Return Form of the page or through an email to [email protected]

Upon receiving the Return Form, Elsalvarte undertakes to confirm your request via email. Elsalvarte reserves the right to accept such return, even when an authorization number has been assigned, since a prior review of the Work must be carried out.

All returns will be taken at the invoice price. If you meet the return conditions, a Credit Note will be issued for the amount paid for the Work less the administrative charge for return and shipping costs. The buyer can use the Credit Note to make another purchase or get a refund of their payment.